Friday, August 19, 2011

If i go away

hmm. how it could be yah? same goes to me. i never stop pray to be enough around with my love parents, friends and Di love one till end of my life. but sometimes it keep play on my mind. plus,
Ingat mati tu kan harus.supaya kita sentiasa peka dengan bekalan ukhrawi selain duniawi.:)

so if i leave this wonderful world first,
- would you always reminds on me?
-would you always remember the time that we spent together?
-can you please take a look of my parents?
-can you be a friend to my love one if he lonely?
-will you put on some flowers on my grave?

can you?
if the answer is yes i do well a big thank you from me to you.a kiss and hug from me:)
I Love You