Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sorry. i have to say that.

Have a GREAT day with your friends!

Hey guys. Assalamualaikum.:)
how was your day? is it happy? cool? fine? bad? or anything?
well i hope you guys HAPPY.

hey, you know what. this 22 october, i'm in my NEW sem.(sem 2 honey)
but i don't know if i am ready enough to face it. ha ha. yeah, i should be happy or screaming like other HYPOCRITE girls out there because they now are "PROUD" to be
a SE.NI.OR. daa?? wth you gonna do with that?

okay. what ever. i don't even care about that. full stop.
what i am going to tell you right now is i have to make up my mind.
(whoo. takut tak?)

okay. i am tired to pretend like i am okay with your attitude. which is wasting my time.
so starting from now. this moment and this sec. i want you to take this note clearly.
  1. i cant wait for you anymore.
  2. if i said. i don't want. please don't get me wrong.
  3. i will choose someone that can give their full commitment on any task given by lectures.
  4. i will be frankly with you.
(which is, that's is real me. but i tolerate because i thought you can change)

p/s: i don't point this entry to certain people or friends. its for everyone who know me.
so be matured and think wisely.
i love you guys. okay?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

FB.YeS. iTs cOnNeCtInG pEoPlE ^^____^^


i cant believe it. after quite long time, i finally found my long lost BEST FRIEND.

the question is where. where and where?
haa. yes! only through facebook!
hahaha. its funny ha?

well, i dont know how i feel actually. but i am very very happy for sure.
oh ya. i forgot to tell you who are they. em, they are my bf when i was in primary school before i moving here. err, i hate when i start talking about move2 ni. hahah.
(ape tu move2?)

plus we are in the same class. if i not mistake, we are in 4 bestari. hee. i still remember that.:)
rigth wawa, aten? and yeah we also was a prefect at that time.
and i can tell you guys that we are sooo not GOOD prefect.
because we did so much thing that a prefect SHOULD not doo. wah hahah
  • masuk kelas lambat
  • rehat cepat je
  • lepak dengan macha yang jual kerepek kat kantin. ape name dia wa?:)
  • kadang2 ngorat abg yg goreng ayam uhh
  • tukar tempat bertugas sesuka hati. padahal cikgu displin yang paling garang kot!haha
  • mentang2 pengawas, pau budak suka2 hati. wa, aku x tau r ko pnh buat ke x. aku penahh saje salah gunakan kuasa. :D
  • haa, ni mmg memory ah. buli ckgu BOB. ya Allah, mase tu teruk dia kena. sape suruh nerd sgt. boleh pakai kemeja dengan tie MICKEY mouse. perghh. mmg unik. gatal pun ade. hahahah.
okay, here's the thing. don't get me wrong. hey i was so little kid at that time. cehhh.
but when it comes to study, homework or what ever that has been asked by our teacher. we did.
and pass up. (macm biase. tak semua lah)

okay. i cant story more. or it will be a chapters that you guys have to follow. bahaha.

here, i want to say how happy and i miss you guys!:)

*isyaAllah, we will meet next week. kan wawa? <33